Friday, June 25, 2010

36: tiffany's favorite office workplaces, summer 2010 edition

No personal studios or home offices allowed. Factories and warehouses OK.

Liganova (link)

Photos via company promotional materials

Last summer, I worked at DDI Magazine as an editorial intern, which entailed all sorts of responsibilities, including but not limited to contacting PR reps to gather information, photos, and so forth. I got in touch with a lady who works at Liganova ("brand retail marketing" company), and she sent over a bunch of promotional materials. I fell in love with and screen-capped some photos of the company's offices, and am now sharing them with you. If this is illegal, I'd appreciate if someone could let me know in the comments. As soon as possible. Please. Kind thanks in advance!

NYLON (link)

Photos via The Selby

It's possible that I'll live and work in New York City someday after graduation. If I do, I hope to be able to spend my time in a place as charming as the offices at NYLON Magazine. I love the very open, airy feel of the place, the studio lights, the clean colors and the workspace set-up, the reference materials all along the walls. No cubicles here! Very young, very fresh, very alive-feeling. Perfect for putting together a bold, hip[ster] magazine. Just lovely.

W+K Portland (link)

Photos via W+K Portland

If you know me IRL, you may be aware of my slight obsession with this agency. The previous photos may help you better understand why. (By the way, I'm fairly certain that the tent and makeshift hammock in the third photograph are not actually permanent pieces in the building. Details here, if interested.) I've never seen pictures of the other W+K offices, so I can't be sure if this is just the "W+K style" or a Portland thing (two of my favorite things, incidentally -- W+K and PDX), but either way, it's fabulous and quirky and divine. I want my real-life home to look like this.

Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour (link)

I guess technically this is a studio, but it still qualifies to be in this list for a number of reasons. First of all, it is not called "Ink & Dagger Tattoo Studio." It is called a parlour. Second of all, the guy who opened the place -- Russ Abbott -- evidently decided to spell "parlor" the British way. And anyhow, everyone knows Brits do their own thing, so I've decided to take a leaf out of their book (oh, there's my idiom for the day) and ignore the few stipulations I've listed at the top of this post. Don't question my logic.

I really adore this place. It's masculine, strong and bold, without being disgusting or dirty (sorry for the generalization, boys). It's not over-designed or -furnished. It feels very comfortable, warm, cozy -- which I imagine is perfect for people coming in to get tattoos for the first time, or for people who have long sessions ahead of them... Very classy, dare I say handsome, and it screams out -- in a polite, tactful tone of voice, of course -- a resounding "BITE ME" to all those who hold stereotypical views and misconceptions regarding tattoo artists.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory (link)

Photos via The Selby

Such a beautiful place to spend your day. All of the wood accents and warm brick walls make Rick and Michael Mast's Brooklyn chocolate factory a very welcome place, even during the early hours of the morning -- hah, at least, in my head this is the case. I really like the giant world map on the back wall, as well; gives it a bit of a rustic yet sophisticated feel. And of course, there's the obvious fact that this is a craft chocolate factory. 'Nuff said.

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What about you? Where's your ideal place to work?

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