Saturday, October 10, 2009

18: desktop puke

It's been two weeks. I've been busy... I've been sick. Simultaneously. It's kind of sucked. But now I am no longer sick. Still busy, but I'm making space for the world. These are the images that have been reappearing in my mind even when my eyes are closed:

(via Erin Jane Nelson)

(via vacantlots)

(via Maira Kalman)

(via gridlockcaravans)

(via E V △ Y Z)

(via lookatthisfuckingtriangle)

Paper and pen, 35mm film and a hotshoe flash, they're all calling my name... It's almost enough for me to get up and go. Everything I shoot will go in triangles this semester.

In other news, October is hitting me beautifully, overwhelming me with the orange and yellow and clouds and gray. I've learned that when it comes to your surroundings, sometimes you just have to shrink your perspective down to the little details, so that you can properly appreciate the view... and perhaps all the little things that make up a life? Perhaps.