Friday, July 8, 2011

57: oops...

Hi all. So clearly, clearly, I suck at the blog thing. I started an entry back in March, apologizing for how sucky I am at updating the blog - but of course I never ended up posting it because, well, I suck at updating the blog.

Some news: I spent this past spring term (January to end of April) in London, studying abroad and interning at an independent ad agency called Inferno. I learned a lot, saw a lot, met a lot of lovely people, and can say that without a doubt it was my best semester ever as a student. Now that it's summer, I'm home in Atlanta and interning at Newell Rubbermaid, which has been an educational experience on a whole different level, and filled with all sorts of perks, to boot!

I have a handful of posts in the queue, just waiting to be finished and published, but until then feel free to keep in touch on bee-co warrior (my foodie pet project) or Twitter!