Thursday, December 24, 2009

22: merry christmas from anthopologie

"Anthropologie has stolen my heart. And my money." Truer words have never been spoken. Sort of.


Not only does Anthropologie always have some of the loveliest winter store decorations, but their e-mails are charming, to boot.

I received this image in an e-mail this morning, and I lurves it. The cut-out, handwritten quality to it is sweet and rather endearing. The swirls add a quaint, flirty touch, but the woodgrain keeps it from looking too frilly/froofy (though, if I'm to be honest, I'm actually quite partial to frilly/froofy).

So very lovely...

Hope you all have a merry Christmas! I'm off to Orlando for a few days to bask in the magic that is Disney World. Can't wait! In the meanwhile, take care and enjoy your time off from work/school!

Monday, December 21, 2009

21: wine labels at whole foods

My sister and I were shopping at Whole Foods last week when we stumbled upon their wine racks, which were filled with all sorts of lovely contemporary labels. Here are a few images for your viewing pleasure:

Look at the typography on this one... So snooty, I love it! And um, it's pink.

Words that come to mind: sxe, vegan, -xcore, tattoo. I imagine the customer of this product to be a dude with a beard and tattoo sleeves (featuring zombies, deer, owls, Frankenstein, etc.). And maybe an eyebrow piercing. (Oh... this is bad. Isn't it? This whole "me cataloguing/stereotyping the consumer of a product based on the appearance of a product" thing? But then again... Oh, let's just chalk it up to me being intensely shrewd and perceptive about market segmentation, ha!)

Many apologies in advance, but this label is more than somewhat tacky. Interesting, yes, but so tacky that it's sticking to my shoes...

There have been a lot of really clever packaging ideas popping up in the wine industry, so it's nice to at least see some of that creativity physically manifested...

Please also view: Toast-its, a collection of wine bottle "greeting cards." (via The Dieline)