Friday, November 27, 2009

20: stop motion, pt. 2

In continuation of my previous post featuring Target's [obviously] Oren Lavie-inspired commercial, here are a few more stop-motion commercials... but this time, Procter & Gamble and Amazon are the ones who have jumped on the bandwagon. (Okay, so... I know these commercials aren't especially new -- at least, the Bounce Dryer Bar commercial is not -- but to my credit, I've had very little television access for the past 3-1/2 months!)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

19: volvo thinks edward cullen is dreamy

Oh geez. Well, it's about time. With Twilight's ridiculous popularity, I'm actually surprised it didn't happen sooner. What am I talking about, exactly? Volvo, the automobile corporation known for safety, has taken its brand identity to a whole new level by adhering itself -- officially -- to the Twilight phenomenon.

Edward Cullen, the brooding heart-throb vampire in Stephenie Meyer's book series, drives a volvo. Why? Because it's fast and slightly less flashy than, say, his "sister" Rosalie's bright red convertible. And evidently, Volvo is getting a kick out of this, because they've launched a new website called "What Drives Edward" (click). Talk about a co-branding co-op.

Favorite features on the website:

- The description: "There's more to life than a Volvo. There's having the power to keep safe what you hold most dear. That's why you drive one."

- "What Edward drives may soon drive you." Nice.

- "Volvo XC60 as seen in New Moon" and "Volvo C30 as seen in Twilight."

The website also features all of the available New Moon trailers, as well as images of the new car model and promotional shots from the movie. I love this whole thing more than words are able to describe.

And of course, you have to check out the advertisement: