Tuesday, June 18, 2013

63: paint what matters

This is kind of an unintentionally silly ad by the Martin Agency (and Brad Pitt!) for Benjamin Moore paint. It hearkens back to the Dodge Chrysler Detroit story – same sentimental American voice (hey, Brad Pitt, why are you doing voiceovers for commercials now?), same push for Americana, same attempt at bringing a sense of heritage into the picture.

The kids over at mediabistro hate it, clearly. I find one comment particularly interesting though: "Shame to ruin the awesome style of those buildings with a fresh paint job." I tend to agree and wonder if corporations like Benjamin Moore give thought to things like that.

I mean... they're trying so hard to evoke a sense of timelessness, history, "the American way," and yet? In painting over the walls, aren't they erasing that timelessness, that history, that reminder of what it was like "back in the old days"? The concept is great: Hey, let's assert ourselves as a company that cares about America and Americans and community!

But does the execution really make sense?

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