Sunday, June 6, 2010

33: cars and freedom -- we're 'merican, y'all

Hear the roar of the crowds... the buzzing in the stadium... foreign accents galore... It's World Cup season, baby! This is exciting in its own right, of course, but also for Father Piñata in particular, because it means lots of exciting new advertising campaigns and television spots to be seen, discussed, and snarked at! (And oh, is there lots of snark ahead... Take it with a grain of salt, hah.)

For example, the Dodge Challenger "Freedom" commercial from W+K Portland debuted today after the first half of the South Africa-Mexico game, and I found it to be both fascinating and slightly effed up.

Actually, if I must be honest, I was a little offended the first time I watched it, simply because I feel somewhat of a greater though unfounded loyalty to England than to the U.S. (Hah, sorry -- no explanation there.)

But it also annoyed me that this commercial seems to have been developed from an overwhelmingly stereotypical American perspective of English culture, placing England in this outdated, stuck-in-the-past kind of light, which is really quite unwarranted and makes no sense whatsoever... Bah, do your research before you knock other countries for entirely unsubstantiated things. Not to mention, the entrance of George Washington and his men is a little doltish, like we're the jerks who think we own the world, with our -- with our -- "panache" was the word used in the press release.

Oh, don't mind me. I'm just irritated and bitter. This commercial makes Americans look silly. And forget about the fact that a good handful (nine of 23!) of the American players were trained in England. No big.

That said, at least the execution is nice. Lovely colors, the way the red pops against the muted green-gray background. Plus, given that this TV spot is clearly a "hoorah-let's-kick-England's-butt-tomorrow!" message of inspiration, you can't help but be a little more lenient on the ad as a whole... or something like that.

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  1. hm. that's interesting. i thought the anachronism was actually sort of funny, though i thought the last words in it were a little arrogant. unless the car's name is 'freedom.' [then it's just a pun that didn't work well.]